The ODU Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) is comprised of retirement-age people who enjoy intellectually stimulating classes and discussions with our peers.

In order to offer a stimulating agenda of timely, thought-provoking lectures, visits to historical sites, and engaging social events requires the work of many dedicated members who volunteer their time and talent.

Communications and Technology

The members of this committee promote two way communication between ILR and its members, provide technology support to the ILR administration and committees, develop and maintain this website, and publish the quarterly newsletter found here.


We joined ILR to continue our life-long learning during retirement. The Curriculum Committee is the heart of or organization, developing class ideas, recruiting speakers, and arranging our classes. Committee members arrange as many or as few classes as they choose, host the classes they’ve arranged, and receive free attendance of the classes they host.

The committee meets for about an hour and a half four times a year at Virginia Beach Higher Education Center to discuss class ideas. Between meetings, the members work with their presenters to schedule classes, develop class abstracts and presenter biographies.


The Membership Committee seeks and retains members, keeps a record of dues paying members, promotes the purposes and programs of ILR to the public, assists with membership mailings, and assists other committees in determining the interests of ILR members.


ILR operates an elected board of directors comprised of committee chairs and elected directors at large, and several elected officers. The Nominating Committee recruits a slate of officers and directors for membership vote at the March annual meeting. The nominating committee also maintains a roster of qualified ILR members to present to the Board for consideration if a vacancy should occur during a term of office.


Social Committee members organize social events such as museum, theater, and restaurant trips and member-hosted social functions such as pot luck suppers. The Social Committee also plans the annual March membership meeting and luncheon. Our social events have become an important part of the ILR program and are well-received.


The travel committee plans trips to regional places of interest, usually day or over-night trips by bus to venues out of the local area. Each trip has a featured attraction and opportunities for walking tours. Overnight trips include bus travel, lodging (single or double occupancy), and meals.

Elected Officers

Our elected officers are responsible to the members for the smooth operation of ILR. The executive committee and directors set our strategic objectives, set our budget, and supervise the financial processes needed for responsible operation of our Institute.