Online Membership System Help

Members already have accounts

Online registration is open. All 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 ILR members have a registration system account. Please read this entire guide before starting.

Please do not create a new account.

Please do not use the link in the ILR home page footer to create a website subscriber’s account.

Activate your account

Rather, activate your current account using the “Forgot password” method at the first link below. This process will send you an Email with a one-time link to your account setup page.

Follow the instructions on the forgot password page to set your password. Please make a note of your user name and password (you may use your browser’s password manager (1Password, FastLane, or the built in one) or even a notebook.

Purchase memberships

You must complete the select membership process to register a member for a class. Your normal household members will already be present in your account. The workflow is to select a membership type and pay for it. The final step will let you assign that membership to a household member.

Register for classes

Once membership purchases are complete, begin the registration process using the third link. The registration process supports a shopping cart model. Each registration action adds a registration to your cart. Checkout allows you to remove unwanted items before paying for your registrations.

You must complete the checkout and payment process for your registrations to be complete.

Best Practice

It is recommended that you first make your selections on the mail-in registration form and use it as a checklist for online registration. Verify that your cart contents matches the intended selections from your worksheet.

Checking your memberships and registrations

Once you have completed initial registration, you may login using the link below. The My Account page shows your registrations, memberships, and household members. You can also correct your account or member contact information.

Membership and Registration Links

To begin using the registration system, complete the 3 steps in the order shown.

  1. Activate your online account here┬áby resetting your account’s password.
  2. Renew your household’s memberships here
  3. Register for classes here

Future Visits

Activation is required only for your initial membership purchase. Future visits begin by logging in.

  • Use the My account link in the page header to visit your account. Here you can review your household contacts, memberships currently active, and your recent purchases. You can also correct the account contact information.
  • Use the Select membership link to purchase additional memberships for household members. Please contact the office to arrange to bring guests to a program.
  • Use the change password link to set a new account password.
  • Use the Search link to look for additional classes or events to attend.